The International Business Programme

The International Business Programme follows the Swedish Syllabus using English as the Language of Instruction.


English Language Business and Economics Programme

This programme helps you prepare for University level studies where most of the literature being used is in English. The programme includes learning about how businesses operate both in Sweden and abroad besides core subjects.

At Kungsholmens gymnasium your studies take into account the challenges that face our modern world.

  • Sustainability – which resources are sustainable for business?
  • Human Rights – how do we ensure that those who work are earning a living wage?
  • Global Health and Development – will our Business ideas help in this area?

First year studies

Studies will include everything from developing a business idea and how to raise the capital to realise the business idea. Learning about how to keep track of finances and how to reach the customer group that you want to reach are an integral part of studying on this programme.

Second year studies

You will continue to learn more about the world of Finance studying International Business combined with a course in Law. This will include Family law, Contract law and Consumer law – the basics of law that you need to understand the rights and responsibilities attached to starting and running a business. Learning about cultural codes, customs and norms in different parts of the world and how important they are for businesses are other aspects that will be studied. 

Third year studies

You will study International Business specialization in conjunction with Entrepreneurship and Business. You will have the opportunity to start your own company within the Youth Enterprise organization Ung Företagsamhet (UF).

Other aspects that you study will be International money markets and Global markets of commodities and resources.

Study trip

We plan to organize a study trip to investigate how businesses operate in other markets.

International contacts are an important aspect of studies at Kungsholmens gymnasium. At present we have connections with European countries through our language exchanges in French, German and Spanish.


Students applying from a Swedish school normally apply online to the Swedish Gymnasium through the Admissions Board in Stockholm at Gymnasieantagningen.

Ask your Guidance Counsellor for help. Please note that the Business and Economics Programme (EN) is listed as a separate alternative.

Programme Syllabus

Programme syllabus 2024/2025, International Business Programme (pdf)