Social Science Programme

You examine how both individuals and communities, at the local and global level, develop through meetings. You also develop knowledge about the connection between history and the present.


This is a three-year programme which follows the syllabus for the Swedish Social Science Programme using English as the language of instruction. All tuition is provided in English, which is our working language. However, you must have a grade in Swedish from year 9 to be eligible for this programme of study.


The programme includes, besides core subjects such as English and Swedish, also programme specific subjects such as Mathematics, Social Studies, History, Geography, Psychology and Philosophy.

This programme of study follows a slightly modified version of the Swedish curriculum to allow more international aspects to be studied.

All programmes require students to take courses in Physical Education and Health and in Languages. In year 3 students choose from a number of additional subjects which the school offers.

The student also chooses individual electives. A research project must be carried out by each student in the final year.

Students from this programme may continue to university studies abroad, as well as in Sweden.


Students applying from a Swedish school normally apply online to the Swedish Gymnasium through the Admissions Board in Stockholm at Gymnasieantagningen.

Ask your Guidance Counsellor for help. Please note that the English language Social Science Program (ES) is listed as a separate alternative.

Programme Syllabus

Programme Syllabus 2024/2025 Social Science Programme Social Science (pdf)