Applying to Kungsholmens gymnasium

If you would like to start studying at Kungsholmens gymnasium and Stockholms musikgymnasium, there are different ways of applying, depending on the school year you are applying to.

Kungsholmens gymnasium is an Upper Secondary school that follows the Swedish syllabus. We have three programmes in English:

  • The Social Science Programme
  • The Natural Science Programme
  • The International Business Programme.

Admission criteria

In order to be eligible to our programmes, a passing grade in the Swedish language from year 9 is required. (For IB students: Language & Literature or Language Acquisition, minimum phase 4). Also, please note that you need to be registered in the Stockholm region in order to attend Kungsholmens gymnasium.

Applying for Year 1

If you would like to start at Kungsholmens gymnasium in Year 1, you need to apply via the Gymnasieantagningen service.

Applicants with foreign grades

Applicants with foreign grades apply via an independent quota called "frikvot" to the Admissions Board in Stockholm, "Gymnasieantagningen" no later than 17th May. To be tested in the independent quota or "frikvot", applicants first apply to the schools and programmes of their choice via Gymnasieantagningen after receiving log in details from a Career Guidance Counsellor or from Gymnasieantagningen.

The validation process is then made by The City of Stockholm, (Stockholm Stad) who converts the foreign grades to equate to the Swedish system. If you have any further questions regarding the validation process, please contact Gymnasieenheten at Stockholm stad.


Waiting list (reserve places) for Year 1

Do you want to be added to our waiting list? Please fill in the application form as soon as it is published here.

Please note, we follow the reserve lists from Gymnasieantagningen until 31 August.

Applying for Year 2 or Year 3

You are welcome to start with us in Year 2 or Year 3 if there is a vacant place in any of our classes.

Selection criteria

We have two selection criteria:

  • how well your current study plan corresponds with the programme at Kungsholmens gymnasium
  • the grades you received during your previous year/years of Upper Secondary school.

Please note that we are unfortunately not able to admit students with foreign grades to year 2 or 3, (including MYP/DP-grades).

Submit your application

If you would like to switch to Year 2 or Year 3, please submit an application.

Applying to a Language Introduction Programme

For students wishing to apply to a Language Introduction Programme in the Stockholm Region, (main focus here is on learning the Swedish language and being eligible to apply to an Upper Secondary School), please contact Start Stockholm.

Placement in pre-school or school (English) (pdf)